Thursday, October 05, 2006

#19 Discovering Web 2.0 tools

I explored the personal organization tools and decided to sign up for Voo2do. I've been looking at different options for keeping an online To Do list. I tried Google calendar, but the calendar part was limiting to what I needed. I needed a place I could jot down notes of things I needed to do, preferably be able to group them by project or date, and then to have them still show up until I completed them. With Google calendar, I had to move any uncompleted tasks to the next day and that became time consuming. Voo2do does exactly what I needed. It shows you your deadlines for the day, the week and any that are overdue; it can be grouped by project so it's a good project management software; and I also separate personal tasks from work tasks - a big plus! I'm thrilled to find an online option for my to do list so that when I'm at home and I think of something I need to do at work (or vice versa), I can pop it into Voo2do and access it anywhere I need it. Thanks again Learning 2.0!


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