Wednesday, October 04, 2006

#15 Library 2.0 perspectives

I think the article Away from Icebergs is right on target for academic libraries. However, it misses the boat for public libraries. It is quite common for middle schoolers to come to the reference desk for assistance with a school project and tell us up front that they are not allowed to use the internet - they have to have book sources. This fact alone prevents us from starting to make our print collections obsolete. Add to that the fact that our circulation numbers continue to increase and you immediately see the difference in customer needs faced by academic and public libraries. We do need to continue to embrace Web 2.0 and all its amazing components, but not to the exclusion of our print collection.

After reading To more powerful ways to cooperate I said a big "hurrah!" for OCLC. They are taking the initiative and making Web 2.0 work for them instead of against them. Although I don't think I'll see the impact of this on my daily library life, I can truly see the impact on many of my cataloging friends in the library world. In some respects I can hear my cataloging friends screaming "NO, keep it the way it is!" but the changes are coming - even for catalogers. Let's follow OCLC's lead and jump on the bandwagon.


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