Friday, September 22, 2006


Helene said to be tasteful so I found an ice cream generator and created my own flavor of Ben&Jerry's ice... and it sounds quite tasteful! It's called DECADENCE and it's vanilla ice cream with chocolate-peanut butter chunks, brownie chunks, pecans, caramel and graham crackers - sounds yummy doesn't it?! It even gives you a picture of what your B&J container would look like - cool! Unfortunately, I couldn't copy the container picture and include it for you here.
Now it's your turn to "generate" your personal flavor of ice cream at

#9 Finding Feeds

I found Bloglines search tool gave the best results for the topic I was looking for. Technorati and gave poor results and the pages are way too busy and confusing. Feedster had a nice clean site and gave me the second best results. It was useful to look at all of these and compare.

RSS Feeds - cool!!

This was a fun one. It still amazes me how much info is on the net. Just by subscribing to a couple of the common feeds, I already found 2 articles that will help me with projects I'm working on at home. I wouldn't have thought to go to the sites they were on, but they popped right up among my feeds. It's also fun to add co-workers feeds and see how they're doing with their 2.0 adventure.

The first feed I viewed was the Shifted Librarian and I came to a article by Michael Stephens that included a video he helped create for Staff Day at their library. The video was intended to show how important every person is at the library - from the security officer opening the building, the circ staff checking people out, reference running through the stacks, and ending with the housekeepers cleaning at the end of the evening. The video was great! Check it out -
We all need to rememebr we are part of a team and no one is less important than anyone else. Thanks Michael for a fun reminder of this!!

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

#7 - Check out this technology

Okay, so I know all you gamers and hi-tech people will think this is old news, but I just found out about the new Nintendo Wii game system - thanks Matt! It is amazing! For those of you who aren't familiar with it, check out this site:

I haven't had a chance to explore the whole system (and please understand that I don't own any game systems and normally could care less) but this one looks really cool. You hook it up to your tv and then for the sports mode, you use the remote as if it were your bowling ball, tennis racket, baseball bat etc. What intrigued me about this is how useful it could be for my 3 autistic children. They aren't quite ready to join their typical peers on the tennis court or baseball field yet, but I want them to learn at least the basics of some of these sports. They are intrigued with computers, though they are resistant to play any new games. This seems like a game they might be intrigued enough to play. I showed it to their O.T. and she could see the possibility of it improving their balance, their coordination, their confidence.

So who knows - maybe I'll become a gamer mom yet---yeah right!!

Puppy Love Poster

Puppy Love Poster
Originally uploaded by smcflickr.
This is the poster I created using FD Toys' Motivational Poster creator. It was such a simple program to use. Although this poster was just for fun, I can see myself using this in the future for library program flyers and announcements.