Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Hammock by the sea

Hammock by the sea
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Feel the breeze.
Hear the waves.
See no one.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

7.5 Habits

Well done presentation! Favorite habit - #7.5 PLAY - I feel lucky to have a job where play and learning are both encouraged and celebrated. Most difficult habit for me - #3 View problems as challenges - in the middle of the problem I don't often think of it as a challenge, but I am getting better at looking back later and seeing what I could learn from the problem. My new philosophy - less problems, more play!!

And sometimes it's not so fun!

So I forgot my password - usually not a big deal. But everytime I asked for password assistance and was told I was being sent an email, it never arrived. After fighting this for several days, I've created a new blog and copied and pasted the info from my previous one. So if you're wondering why all the dates are the same on the first few posts - that's why!! Maybe now I can get back to learning and playing!

This is pretty fun!

I've already changed the title of my blog and then had to figure out how to change the URL to match the title. I went to Blogger Help and found the answer within less than a minute! Newbies - don't be afraid - you CAN do this!

Learning 2.o

I'm excited about Learning 2.0. I think it's a great way for all staff to get at look at what many of our patrons use as their primary source of communication. We can learn something about each other, learn something about ourselves, and possibly even have fun doing it - GASP! Good luck to everyone on winning, make that earning, the MP3!